Music Lessons

Juhasz Music Studio, located in Stratford, CT, provides a unique learning experience for students in a private, yet informal setting.  Whether you are just beginning or have played an instrument for many years, private instruction with a state certified music teacher will accelerate your learning.  Juhasz Music will also provide you with honest feedback and a deeper understanding of the music you play.

String Technique

A structured balance of technical exercises and solo pieces will build and reinforce the foundation of your playing.  Another large component of the lessons is developing good practice habits that lead to better playing through increased confidence, better music reading skills, and the ability to overcome technical limitations.

Instruments taught are all the classical instruments of the string family and ability levels are as follows:

  • Violin: beginner to advanced
  • Viola: beginner to advanced
  • Cello: beginner to intermediate
  • Bass: beginner to intermediate

I am familiar with many different lesson books including: Essential Elements 2000, Essential Technique, All for Strings, String Builder, Strictly Strings, and others.  I am also familiar with Suzuki solo books and various etude and technique building books.

Music theory

A solid understanding of music theory helps students to understand what makes up the music they play.  Theoretical instruction is an important component of good string teaching and focuses on: intervals and chords, scales and arpeggios, phrasing, dynamics, tempo, and time periods of music.  Students will learn how these things are intertwined in the fabric of the music to make beautiful melodic lines and solo accompaniments.  Students are also encouraged to explore the art of improvisation as it applies to string playing.

Find out more: e-mai, 203-650-5740, or fill out my online form.